The Advantages of Living in a Gated Community

All over the nation, there are neighborhoods which are set back from the road and surrounded by gates. These gated communities are highly appealing to some home buyers who like the exclusivity, privacy and security that they feel is afforded to them when living in one of these neighborhoods. However, others feel that the drawbacks of living in a gated community actually outweigh these perceived benefits. Whether or not to live in a gated community depends greatly on the things that you value in the neighborhood where you live.  Keeping in mind the below benefits may help you determine if life behind the gates is worth it.


If feeling secure in your neighborhood matters the most to you, being surrounded by gates might be a priority.  This is the number one reason people usually choose to live in a gated community.  Because gated communities are private, it is more difficult to access than a standard community. 

Criminal activity is reduced in gated communities and solicitors have a more difficult time disturbing residents. 


The first thing that comes to mind when someone says “HOA” are the fees associated with it.  But many homeowners appreciate that along with those fees come many benefits. 

Homes within an HOA must protect property values and maintain community standards set by the association or face a fine, so you're less likely to see unkempt lawns, peeling paint or a garishly painted house. 

Depending on the HOA, services such as trash and lawn care are handled by the association, leaving less work for the homeowner.

Many offer a range of amenities such as a community center, walking trails, sports courts and playing fields reserved for residents.  Typically, these areas are maintained by the association.

If you have a problem with your neighbors, you can ask the management to handle the issue rather than getting directly into a spat with the homeowner next door.

Sense of Community

While this can be said of non-gated communities, there is something about gated communities that offer a strong sense of belonging. Perhaps it’s the idea of exclusivity, feeling like you are surrounded by people who share your dreams and lifestyle. Gated communities are an excellent way to make friends and participate in activities with those close to you in proximity.